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Thanks for looking into the Jamie Broderick Photography's Senior Model Program!  We are so excited to get to know you.  Can I just start by saying CONGRATULATIONS on also being a Senior!!!  Senior year is special, I'm excited for you!   Just a few points before you fill out the Application so you are totally in the know...

1) My Senior Models are all full paying clients.  My clients get the best experience for their exclusive Custom Senior Session.  We pamper you with Professional Hair and Makeup with Michelle and a fun day of Photographing YOU!!!!  We go the extra mile to celebrate who you are, who you have become, and what makes you unique.  A few days after your appointment you will meet with Jan my secretary to view and choose your images and pick out your collection.  Collections start at $315 and go up form there, most families spend between $800- $1400.  

2) To be eligible to be a Senior Model you have to have an instagram account.  During our Senior Model shoots your job is to post behind the scenes and then post to your feed the images from the shoot. You just tag me in your posts and don't use any filters.  So easy right??? 

3)  If you are chosen, you will be invited to the parent meeting at on Monday March 9, 2020.  If you join us on that evening we will show you all the products we carry and a movie about what we do.  We will fill out Model Releases, pay your $145 session fee, and set your personal Senior Portrait appointment. 
4) Your Parent MUST come with you to the meeting.  We will be signing releases to go on our Senior Safari and the Model releases that evening. We will also be giving you the dates of our shoots for the year so you can make plans. If your Parent isn't able to come to the parent meeting please contact me so we can meet with both of you at a later time.  

So what does being a Senior Model mean for you???  Lets get into the fun stuff...

You will make LOTS of new friends!!  Yay!  To start you get a super sweet Senior Model tee, which we wear on certain days to school.  You also get first dibs on my calendar, this is a big deal because I only take 20-30 Seniors per year.  That way I can take extra good care of you.  You will be a part of some EPIC stylized shoots.  I get all of my creative juices rolling with you guys, you never know what we will do!  We go on a Senior Safari each year in the summer and stay overnight.  It is a great time to bond and get to know the other models.  It is a BLAST!!  

If this all sounds like it is your jam fill out the application below and I will get in contact with ya!!  
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